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The Sainte-Justine
Winter Triathlon

The 18th Sainte-Justine Winter Triathlon





A Nordic sports challenge combining skating, cross-country skiing, running and fundraising.


Participating teams will be asked to reach out to family members, friends and co-workers to sponsor them as part of the Pierre-Boivin Fundraising Challenge. The team that brings in the most donations will be awarded the coveted Pierre-Boivin Trophy.

Where and When

Parc Maisonneuve Chalet, from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Team Categories

Participative teams:

Skating: 3.7 km
Cross-country skiing: 8.1 km (skating style) or 5.4 km (classic style)
Running : 3 km

Competitive teams:

Skating: 4.7 km
Cross-country skiing: 8.1 km (skating style) or 5.4 km (classic style)
Running: 6 km

Registration Fees

$2,500 per four-person team (a skater, a skier, a runner and a team leader)

Three ways you can support the Winter Triathlon


This year, get inspired by Raphaël!

Raphaël has been through more than his fair share of challenges in his 10 short years. The countless health issues and medical procedures — from a feeding tube as an infant to surgery on his spinal cord — have made his life a veritable obstacle course. The root cause of the bone disease he has been diagnosed with remains a mystery to this day. Fortunately, with every new barrier that he has come up against, Sainte-Justine’s healthcare professionals have been right there by his side, giving him and his family the strength and the courage to carry on. And they can do that because of your generosity.

There was no hint when Raphaël was born of the chaos that was to come. A few weeks afterward, however, he wasn’t gaining any weight. His family doctor was concerned. A full battery of tests was ordered at Sainte-Justine over a three-week period .

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